MiLA Technical Support Services Policy

At MiLA Technical Support, our mission is to help our customers make the best use of the software through effective and responsive support feedbacks. In support of this mission, the following policies set the expectations for your relationship with MiLA Technical Support. Priorities are assigned to problems that are reported via the web or email, based on the Technical Support Email Guidelines provided. All problems that are reported electronically will receive an immediate email confirmation and a problem tracking number. A Technical Support consultant will respond to the customer who reported the problem by email within 48 hours, with the exception of problems that are reported on weekends and public holidays.

Note: Support email replies are intended to be used on case number or project basis only. It is very important for engineers to carry an independent checking in order to verify and validate the software output.


Support Eligibility
Technical support is available to all customers who license MiLA Structure software. When contacting MiLA Technical Support, you might be required to provide these information:
• Company name
• Email address and telephone number that identifies you as a licensed MiLA Structure software customer.
• License number
Failure to provide this information might preclude MiLA Technical Support from taking action on your issue.


Technical Support Services
MiLA Technical Support offers the following types of support:
• Support email:
• Tel: +603-5885 1250
• Online support (via Remote Support TeamViewer, Zoom)


Technical Support Email Guidelines

  1. Subject of email – Element/Process and issue.
    Example: Beam input: Error when adding loading.
  2. Complete description of steps on how to reproduce the issue if possible.
  3. Write the software version number.
  4. Attach a screenshot of any error message encountered.
  5. Attach the latest Backup zipped file of the model which is obtained from the Project’s Backup folder.

Note: User still hold the responsibility to verify the results independently according to own judgement.