Modelling Beams

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Introduction: #

MiLA Structure provides various methods to model simply supported, continuous and cantilever beams with ease. Using the 2D input view, a single or multiple beam(s) can be created at the same time. Additionally, different operations are available to modify previously created beams. To access beam creation and operation, click on the main tab and select ‘beam’ input.

Figure 1: Beam creation and operations

Beam Creations: #

There are three methods to create beams:
1. Click grid and drag method. Select a start grid node (1/A), followed by an end grid node (1/B).

Figure 2: Click grid and drag method

2. Batch add along grids/between columns. Click ‘Along Grids’ and add beams to all available gridlines.

(a) Along grids (b) Between columns

Figure 3: Batch add method

3. Window selection method. Click a window selection method, click & drag select desired gridlines or between columns.

(a) Add at all grids (b) Add between columns

Figure 4: Window selection method

Beam Operations: #

You can modify existing beams by using the operations. 

1. Merge and Break Beam. To merge, select at least two beams and click merge. To break, select a beam and break according to gridline in between.

Figure 5: Merge and break beam

2. Renumbering: Rearrange label of each beam in the model.

3. Secondary Beam: Select a beam and define it as secondary beam.

Figure 6: Define secondary beam

4. Extend/trim beam(s): Select beam(s), click the start grid node and click gridline to be extended/trimmed to.

Figure 7: Extend/trim beam(s)

Conclusion: #

MiLA Structure provides flexibility for the user to create/modify beam(s). Various beam creations and operations are available to hasten the process of structural modeling. Thus, greater accuracy and efficiency could be achieved.


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